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12:05 p.m. - February 15, 2005
Chocolate Overdose

Christine you are PRICELESS...I didnt have a date for VD either...and you guys all know I am a Professional Dater...What did I do? I got a 2 pound box of Godiva Chocolates and 2 bottles of Champagne and went to Craigs and he and Cesar and myself sat there..not hardly talking trying to decifer the "map" included in the box of chocolates...Yes Ma'am..I am a LOSER.

Hell even if I WANTED to date crazies from the net..There ISNT ANY HERE. Well okay there are but they are all 50+ and toothless. Again I am not an armcharm for some old geezer. Fuckin Hell.

I have about had it with Russ. I keep writing him emails buit dont send them cuz I am afraid he will cry or kill himself or something. But he has just done nothing useful since we got here. So I figure, if he doesnt go to work tomorrow I am sending the email telling him he or I hasta move out that I cant take it anymore. I need privacy and dont wanna have a roommate when I am 40.

I musta Pissed Brandy off too. Since she had told me she was coming home yesterday then emailed me in the middle of the night and said she was coming home Saturday at midnight cuz she needed to stay there and have someone "take care of her". I cant handle the poor me shit anmore so I am not calling or emailing..I am kinda over all that TOO.

Man I am a Bitch....I am thinking I may go out tonight or tomorrow to get a drink...I was gonna call Jeremy and see if he was going to Skyy Bar but then I think NAW...Im just gonna go home and chill...Not spend money I dont have...I wish a house would fall on me.



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