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8:07 a.m. - April 18, 2005
Monday Doldrums
Well its monday. Nothing new to report since yesterday...well except the fact I laid around all day after I got home. I fucked up my left hand pretty good so typing isnt that easy. Thank the gods it isnt the part of my hand that I type with all the time but more like the side that controls stuff. OUCHY!

Lucky called a couple of times yesterday so that helped me get thru the night. Even tho I had horrible nightmares. Shit about dying, baby cockatoos and was wierd.

It is gonna suck at work today. Metal Chick and V are out and I am here alone with the Phlegminator.

I am going home after work, Tanning and going to wash my car for my Z Club tomorrow night. Should be fun I cant wait. Trix said she would go but I bet she is tired when she gets home from work. So if thats the case its cool I can go by big.



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