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12:17 p.m. - April 19, 2005
The return of Bruce
Okay so wierdness abounds...Bruce is back.

Okay here is the 411

Names Bruce...I met him online before I moved here and we had a 'thing' he would come over late and spend the night alot...we rarely went out cuz of his job and then my job so we saw eachother when we could. I really liked him even tho it seemed it wasnt going anywhere. Just sex.

One night he was supposed to come over at like midnight and he didnt show and at 230 I got up and locked the door. Usually I would tell the roomie that he was coming and Russ would let him in or leave the door open. Well I was pissed and didnt and Russ didnt let him in when he showed up at 3 AM...he got pissed and called and cussed me out.

Late january I was missing him and I emailed him and his ex wife responds with "why are you missing my husband"? So I blew it off figgered what the hell and Brandy and I went out for Fat Tuesday Celebration at Skyy Bar. Bruce was there and didnt speak to me but he saw me..that night Brandy called him and told him he should have his dick cut off cuz she thought he was cheating on his wife with me back when we were dseeing eachother...he called me and cussed me out again...I had nothing to do with her calling him...

Well a few weeks ago I was at a show and was going to the bar and came face to face with where to go ...we talked for a sec. He told me how mad he was at brandy and Russ' behavior and I told him I dont associate with Brandy any more and I cant control russ that he was looking out for me. He told me that since we didnt work out he had tried to get back together with the wife but then he realized why they had split inthe first place and he was alone again. I gave him my business car and then went our seperate ways...and that was that...

I called him a day or two later to say I was glad he and i spoke just to smooth the waters in case i ran into him out again...I never heard back.

Wellllllllllll...he shows up outta the blue last night. No call nothing...Russ didnt let him in...I was freaking OUT. So this morning I called him at 5 am and he said he came by cuz he wanted to talk to me about business and didnt have my card and figgered he would chance me being up...he knows I am never up at 2 am...

He is gonna meet me at the Exies show tomorrow night...wierdness...



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