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8:35 a.m. - June 07, 2005
Bruce and Angst
Another day in the salt mines..I am feeling alot less angry/aggressive as I was last night. Bruce came over and talked to me about what was bothering me. He is so odd..I adore him and sometimes he is the most charming man in the world and sometimes he is a PIP. He stayed until 2. We had good convo and that was nice...I love to hear him yammer....

V and I went drinking at Flips and then went to Classics...monday nights are genuinely sucky nights at the bars here but I needed to just get some fresh air...'twas good. Good talks, good booze, good weather, good friend...doesnt get much better...

I cleared my head on the Lucky issues after talking to Victoria..hopefully he and I can talk today ..I acted like an asshole and I need to apologize. I hope he isnt too mad at me.

I sold thre first Mystery box for 20.00 last night on I have enough stuff for one more box...hopefully that one will sell too!!!

OKay so I am outty..I have an appointment with a record producer later to help with promotions for his bands..then color my black in my hair tonight...what a blast!



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