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8:39 a.m. - June 13, 2005
Arthritis, Stern, Fat and Vacations
Arthritis in my hip was a bitch this weekend due to the ever evolving weather of the armpit. One second...beautiful the next a torrential downpour, thunder name it. I thin k it was Will Rogers that said..."If you dont like the weather in Oklahoma...Wait a minute." Damn Straight.

I spent the day saturday with mom and Beep. it was fun he is growing up so fast and it such an handful. I really value time I get with him. Mom was good and I took dad some of his fav candies and cokes. He was cool even though I didnt get to see him.

Sis and hub came back from their weekend in Cancun. I tried to tell her she was wasting time and money. And because Kel and Randy have an inflated opinon of everything, they were disappointed in the mini-vaca. I guess they figgered for 900.00 they would get airfare and first class accomodations in a 5 star hotel that is all inclusive. Yea it was all inclusive but the food was aweful and the hotel wasnt all that great she said. If they had gone into it thinking that it would be just okay then it probably would have been better. I am sorry they didnt have a great time. But I think,..if yu are going on a trip like this...a little more planning and investigation. I am all about being spontaneous BUT...

Speaking of spontaneous ...Jess was on Howard Stern this is a Link to the Story Jess On Stern. She made a complete idiot of herself in my opinion and the reason she wanted to go onStern was to get him to buy her boobs or get a doctor to say he would do the surgery pro bono...nope...Stern wouldnt even let her plug her auction or her website...Total waste. However she was allowed to let Richard Christy eat off her stomach and ass and play tonsil hockey. And she totally admitted to being bi-sexula...and I dont have an issue with that except I dont think she needed to broadcast it. Oh well.

Speaking of issues...aparantly Kat is at it again with the "I want people to think I am a SLUT" antics. I have given up on trying to help her. Lost cause. I love her, I will be her friend, But I will not be a party to her dramtics.

My ear hole is infected and it hurts like a BITCH. New earrings suck! But they look good.

I cant wait for LA I need a break big time. The diet is slow but okay I feel better and like I may have lost a bit of weight. The saddlebags (that were wanting to emerge) have been deleted and my belly is nice and flat again! Happy ME!



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