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11:59 a.m. - August 18, 2005
Better Than Diamonds

I was cooking dinner last night and Chris was milling around and keeping me company...He disappeared for a bit and I was time for a Guinness and a Smoke.  A few minutes later he returned to the kitchen with his hands behind his back..

"Pick a hand" he says and I proceed to pick right...and revealed to me was my very FIRST Guinness Draught in a Bottle Rocket Widget...I covet these little pieces of plastic and had never dreamed that I would be holding one...Sure its easy to break a bottle..Yea I coulda done it anytime..hell we got plenty of bottles laying around...

But the fact that this wonderful man ..went outside and broke a bottle to bring me a Rocket Widget to add to my collection means MORE than anything to me...Yea I coulda cried...

This is a key item in my advancement in my Guinness obcession.  I do need to add that I DO NOT drink Guinness...I am just facinated in the care and technology that is put into developing the perfect Draught from a can and/or bottle. And the way Chris looks when he gets that very first taste...well pure bliss is all I can say...I would love to think about starting to drink it..however ..if I do...less for Chris and I would never take something away that makes him so completely euphoric...

Chris swears that Guinness Draught has as much nutrients as a meal..and as a matter of fact there was a statement made that one can live on Guinness Draught alone for close to...what...2 weeks?  One should not have to do that..however...if you gotta make a choice....well...its a




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