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8:20 a.m. - September 24, 2005
Its all over but the shouting
The shit hit the fan last night...

Chris got so hammered before 7...

He was supposed to come to the bar and meet me and my friend. I got there and he wasnt there. So my friend went and picked him up and brought him to the bar. He was just flat out mean to me...THEN

He kept getting up talking to other I closed the tab and we all left and went to a bar where a friend works...on the way there he passed out in the car. So I left him there and she and I went in.

Well he called me and wouldnt come in...and tried to call a ride and couldnt get one. When we got ready to leave he was sitting on the cub. I asked if he wanted a ride and he said no (very smugly) and so I left him there.

Well the fucker stole the face plate off my radio and my remote. So I turned around and he wouldnt give it to me so I started pounding on him. He got up and socked me and busted my lip and pushed me down in the rock pit.

He said he was filing a VPO on me and that he reported me and that he has witnesses. I am sure if witnesses saw me beat on him they stuck around to see him beat on me. Plus he is in posession of stolen property.

...he is a fuckin alchoholic and MEAN...I dont know what to do.... :(....well except put his shit out and be done with him.

Last night was a deal breaker...I got pushed over the edge and I got hit in the face. So I am publicly announcing I am finished. Im single again...for a long long time. I cant date anymore. It just isnt worth it. My Heart, My PRIDE and my spirit has been broken now and the recovery is going to take a really long time.
One final thing..I had ALOT of entries in my private folder about Chris and I. I had them there cuz I didnt want him to see them and since he is a computer genius I knew he could find them. Well I have opened up all private entries...they go back to before I wentr to LA when I met him....enjoy...and then tell me what a stupid fuck I am.



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