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11:36 a.m. - September 30, 2005
You Gotta Have the right car
The roads you travel may be bumpy and rough. Some are going to be twisty and turny (is turny a word?...fuck it). Some will be like the Autobaun...And thats what you want right?

Now the best way to drive down these roads is to have the right car....

The problem is that you dont always get the right car..right off the bat...I know this cuz I have test driven a few beaters, sedans, economy crap rollers, but when I found the right ride ..well the memories of all the others faded into non-existance.

The day I saw the car I knew without a shadow of a doubt that it was the car I would have for the rest of my life. It had been driven kinda hard and has a few rough edges but nothing that was so far from perfection that couldn't be overlooked. Because I KNEW it was the one.

The first time I laid eyes on it I was breathless...I almost wanted to cry. It was so close but yet just enough out of reach to make me nervous and antsy. I felt the missing piece of me fill and I hadnt felt like that is so long. It felt good. I couldnt go another day without it.

Now dont get me wrong. There are a things wrong with the car, The A/C blows fuses all the weekly, the front end is bitchy, the brake booster whines and the recent discovery of a lil chip...

But despite these lil things I love this car...and I wouldnt trade it for anything. I spend money on it blindly, I caress it, I cry over it, I laugh when I drive it...and when all things seem dismal...all I gotta do is be in the presence of it and all my problems fade....and I become the happy me I was before.

So here is my point fuckers....

Go get you the dream car...It may take some searching, but when you get it...the ride is so sublime and you feel so good...its euphoric...and the bumpy, twisty, turny roads will all become the Autobaun....

And thats where we all wanna drive



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