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7:33 a.m. - January 24, 2006
Birthday Bash 06

Well Saturday night was my Birthday party at Bakers Street. I figgered a few people would show up. I had no idea we would have so many friends in one place, at one time, all drinking, laughing and making this the most special birthday EVER!!

I want to start by saying that I love each and every one of you that came out to help me over this hump and get on with a new year! I didnt think that things would ever turn out as wonderful as they have. I hit a couple of rough patches but now that I have all of you in my life I KNOW the rough stuff (you know what I mean..I like the other rough stuff) is over.

So off with the sap and on with the moment you all have been waiting for...EVIDENCE!

The day started with Wendy and I spending some time together in the afternoon. Then my best friend in the WORLD, Adrian, drove up from Dallas, with Cody in tow to meet the Rat Pack and Party like we did 10 yrs ago. A great present having those guys here. Thank you Adrian for making the jaunt...I love you man!

Wendy, Dean and Eyeball getting Primed

Wendy and a little intoxicated Adrian and Eyeball

Wendy, Adrian, Cody and Eyeball

Along with the Rat Pack and The Dallas troop..I have to say that I would never have made it this far with out Dustin and Makk. They are more than just my friends. I love you guys so Much and having you there was the icing on my cupcake!

Chris, Dustin me and Makk


Wendy giving Adrian a Life Lesson. And it appears he is listening, I hadta get this pic, he rarely listens so earnestly. He must be hammered!

Two of my Best. Dustin and Makk

Adrian, Cody and Eyeball striking a pose and Wendy comin in from the side to cop a feel.

I think Eyeball is snarking

You CANT Be Serious!

Finally the Infamous David appears along with Kat, Ryan and my darling Dara

I dunno but these three just LOOK like trouble is brewing. Is Wendy passed out cold?

And AWAY we GO!

Aww Precious! Azura and Mike!

Is David goosing Azura or what is going on here?

The Adrian Brooker Rolling Rock Salute!

Jen, Kat, Dustin and Makk
My life support unit..and a buncha drunks ...
god love em!

Hey Jen..Can you see her? Can you?

This guys shirt made me giggle

No Azura I wouldnt want that nasty thing in my mouth either!

Look everyone Cody found a headrest!

If you are out and see this. RUN


Cody, contemplating the next beverage...Vodka and sprite...yes...double or single?
Fuck it get him a shot!

Chris....Man...You okay?

. Adrian I think you were supposed to kiss Angels husband too.

Two of the best guys in the universe. I dont know what I would do without you two!

Smoochie the Cody

Hey Man! We're getting the BAND back together!

Kat...did David snatch your cocktail?

Kat, Ryan, Dara David and Erin.
I was so happy to see Erin! YAY!

Jen, Emily, Lora and Amy...Damn Fine Bitches if you ask me! I love you guys!
Amy you owe me a rematch in darts ho
Bring it...
Lora...what can I say? know

You want a Piece of me?

I love Bridget

Two Cappys Throwing Horns...

OOZING sexappeal. Jen you are one Sexy BEATCH! and Kat ..Dammit..I love you

Group Hug

Yea Love the smile Lora...
Is Codys Hand on your ass?

Snarly David and Beautiful Kat

Two of the Best Rat Packers ever!

Friends Forever, Amanda, Adrian, Me and Kat

Makk made me make donkey sounds into his phone. Is that what youre listening to?
Or is it the Bon Jovi simulcast?

Even when Teah isnt feeling her best she is a Beautiful Creature nonetheless.

Nathan and Kara

Kara and I

Dustin, Robin and Makk.
Glad I could get you in Robin you are awesome!

What the hell you laughing at

Kara and Adrian

SO SO SO Much Better than Birthday Cake!!!

Once again the coolest guys I have met since i landed here! The Rockstars!

Panda and Lolo..Damn You girls rule me!

Holy Hell Panda you rock!

The greatest thing about a night like this,
a bunch of people make new friends and renew old friendships.
Lora you are a monument in my life.
Panda and Leslie...damn...words cant express.

Now on a different note, becuase we gotta, here are the winners of the NO SIR! and NO MAAM! for the evening

I had the absolute best birthday of my life. Thank everyone of you for coming out and making it so much fun. I am sorry to those of you I really didnt get to talk to cuz I was either

A. At the Cigarette machine
B. Drunk
At the Cigarette machine
D. Doing A Shot
At the Cigarette machine
F. Had run to the Car
At the Cigarette machine

But I know who was there and it means so much to me.

For those of you that didnt make it...
ahem tinafrankmikebradjohnscottyrandy
its cool, there are plenty more saturdays we can hang.

You know I told Wendy today that we all may be in trouble. We are having more and more fun every week. We may be setting ourselfs up with either a world record or a precedent so high we will be bored if we dont go balls deep everytime!

Thanks again to all my friends and for all you do for me.



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