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8:45 p.m. - January 12, 2008
A Letter to an ASSHOLE Co-Worker

When I first came to work with you I thought we would get along fine. You were ambitious and decent and seemed to know what you were doing. I thought together we would make a great team.

So much for my judgement.

I was not aware you are a rude, self centered bastard that is out for nothing but himself. You have begun to not only fuck with me but to fuck with my friends and people I care about. You also are trying to make the hotel, my place of employment run like shit with your ridiculous antics.

Allow me to elaborate.

You can pick my hair up off the floor with tape and write me nasty notes about how I shed in the office. Juvenile, but whatever. But going on my MySpace page and trying to start shit between people by printing out comments and handing them out is just over the top. Because of YOU I have had to go private with my page yet again. It is people like you that make MySpace drama a daily event.

I can handle you TRYING to sabotage me at work by jacking with the things I do. However let me inform you it isnt working in your favor. EVERYONE knows you are jealous and threatened by me. The things you are pulling are doing nothing to help your career here at the hotel. I think you know it even though you are in a vast state of denial.

Allow me to thank you. Because due to the things you have done up to this weekend I am looking better and better. Hell so is Sharee.

The issue with Joel and his family at check in is something, however, I can not let go. Not only are you fucking with an IMPORTANT client, but a prominant man in Oklahoma, a well known downtown business owner and not to mention, MY friend who is also come to be like family to me. What you did and the way you behaved is unforgivable and I would think that if you c onsider yourself a professional [which clearly you are NOT] you would let them check in and then resolve the issue behind the scenes. Instead you give them a hard time and I not only get interrupted with a phone call from Joel that YOU wont let them check in but also because YOU cant seem to stay behind the desk when I call to get the room moved I have to come BACK to the hotel on my night off and do it myself. I guess the old addage, 'if you want something done right' fits huh?

You sir are an asshole. And I hope your behavior has sealed your fate withthis establishment. Because as soon as we get thru the holidays [which may I add you have RUINED for me a Sharee with your selfishness and self centered behavior] I hope they fire your faggot ass and I never see you again.



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