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5:38 p.m. - March 02, 2008
Torment me PLEASE
Mother Puss Buckets!!!!

Its one thing to have a job that makes you wanna slit your wrists. I think at one time we have ALL been there. But what I am going through right fucking now make slitting my wrists not seem severe enough to ease the torment.

First its BORING as hell here. Yea yea Im at work. I get the shitty shifts. But the upside is I can get off work whenever I wanna and I am off on fridays to Rock out with all you fuckers right?

Anyways....There is a beeping. Like the backing up of a big ass truck. Its just loud enough that I can hear it but I cant fucking find it!. Its been beeping since 3:00. Im gonna pull my brains out of my eye sockets after I scratch my eyes out.

Does anyone have a straight jacket?

I can crank up some metal in the lobby but I STILL hear it. everytime I crank up some tunage the fucking old geezers and their blue haired babes walk thru the lobby!!! There is no one here but me. Jeremy is here but he is in the restaurant and can only come check on me every now and then. I have no one to talk to but Catina online. And the Beep goes on.

What? Did I do so terrible in my life to have this kind of horrible annoyance for 8 fucking hours? Die. Hate.

And now I am eating Reeses and you ALL know what that means!

[see previous blog entitled "Clearly" if you dont]

Kill me



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