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7:20 p.m. - June 16, 2008
I can NOT catch a break. Seriously, if you think that you have bad luck you need to spend just ONE day in my shoes and you will find that NOONE has bad luck like me. For the record this blog is to elaborate on my recent PSA.

Where can I start? Well I could start when I was born and the ground was covered in ice but I am not going that far back. Lets roll back to the big turning point when everything went to Hell back about this time last year. Makes it a good ENORMOUS place to start.

With out bogging anyone down on with the deets because most everyone knows but it started at the Car Store and the BS that transpired there. Not long after that the MRSA on my leg and then the job at the Car Store came to a screeching halt.

I get a job at The Colcord Hotel and I thought things were on an upswing...wrong...hours got cut, promises never followed through, denied for a promotion, all kinds of bullshit there...Sharee quit and I was all alone there.

I sold the Z. We are not talking about that. Its just way to much for me to handle mentally or emotionally.

The Vette had been making a crazy clanking noise and it was intermittent. dad and I both looked at it and couldnt see an issue. I figured that it was the heat shield underneath banging because a screw fell out or something.

I went to Dallas to see the Core and hang out with Kassie. Bridgette went with me. Everything was fine then we were heading home at like 2 am. We hit Davis Oklahoma and the tensioner pully blew out and the belt came off the engine of the vette. B and I had to attempt to sleep on these horrid couches in the lobby of a Microtel in Davis til Derek [thank you so much again my dear] came up from Dallas, got us and brought us back to the city. I think we got in at 6 am. The next morning Derek and I went back to Davis and fixed the Vette. During all this the Colcord people there are doing everything but coming right out and calling me a liar about why I couldnt make it to work. BULLSHIT!!! This on top of some COCKSUCKER calling there and telling them that I was telling people Bret Michaels was staying there. I love the vindictive way people operate.

So now I havent worked in going on 4 weeks. The money from selling the Z is just about gone and my stupid Tax check isnt even mailed yet.

I go out to meet a friend [for a lack of a better term] in Norman at the Mont for a drink. We had 14.00 worth of booze, we were sitting outside, we were laughing and carrying on and doing what people do on pretty sunny summer days. Then the douchebag manager of the Mont asks us to leave. Okay FINE. We went our separate ways and I go to Catina's to get her to go get some food. ON the way I get pulled over for suspicion of driving drunk. The manager of the Mont CALLED THE FUCKING POLICE!!! I get arrested but not before I passed the drunk test. Luckily the cop [Cameron] that arrested me was cool and didnt book me...And now he is my thats cool. Cameron informed me that I probably wouldn't of made it out of Norman, they were looking for me.

I have been interviewing for a MONTH for this potentially great job. They have been making me jump through hoops with no end in sight for quite some time. I have been holding out as long as I can but it is starting to look like that may never pan out.

I met a really kick ass guy that I thought would be a blast to hang with. We made a couple of days of it, drinking and being silly. He gave me crap about not cooking omelets and I gave him crap about not knowing about the 'angles' photos girls do. His friends came around, my friend came around, then my real boyfriend Jack Daniels decided to operate my mouth one night and that ran this one off but good. Imma tool and if I could take back the thing I said to make him go away I would in a minute. He was one of the few people I have met in a long time that really made me smile and laugh. I just want him to know Im sorry, it wasnt my normal M.O. and though I kinda meant what I said, it was Jack Daniels and relaxed atmosphere induced. Lesson Learned.

Still no job. Interviews and all sorts of potentials but Im still unemployed.

Then the worst...I go for coffee at Galileos. I leave there and decide Im gonna get some Chilis and get some grub to go. As I am pulling up into the left hand turn lane on 36th and Western and a kid with no insurance and no drivers license pulls thru two cars that were stopped to make a U turn and hits to front passenger side of the Vette. Now my precious car is in the shop until god knows when. And I gotta come up with a grand for my deductible since he has no insurance...Yea I got an extra grand laying around.


Then amidst all this my mentor Garry Robison passes away from a heart attack. He was the kindst soul to walk the face of the earth. Just as I am coming to grips with this, I get an email from a gal in California that one of my best friends Alex Garcia, who is 24 years old, died from a blood clot in his lung. WHY WHY WHY?

All you people that talk about God, please tell me WHY your God would take 2 of the most amazing people away prematurely??? There are so many people out there that are pieces of shit and Garry and Alex die. It makes NO SENSE.

So now I have sold the Z and the Vette is in the shop. I have a crappy repo my dad is loaning me to drive, so I cant really complain. No Job. The money is running out.

So if anyone has been wondering why I haven't been the same or out and about as much as usual, well there it is in the cliffs notes version.

I find it utterly amazing how you find out about your life and your friends with fate and luck turns its back on you. I try so hard not to dump on people. I dont want to inflict the crap I am working through on others. I pride myself in no drama and when it comes to lifes burdens I am a beast. I always land on my feet, just sometimes I have to be dropped a few times before I do.

So here are a few more thank you notes. I am not going to elaborate on why for each person, because they know why...Just know what having you in my life means and THANK YOU AGAIN

Mom and Dad
My Sis Kelli
Jeff Karr
Chris Boyd
Jim Holman
Robert Painter
Mike Waggoner
Dusti Fletcher

These people have been rocks for me the last few months....thank you for everything. Thank you for the shoulders, ears, rides, food and booze while I am living in this Vacuum and my life sucks.



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