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5:35 a.m. - September 29, 2004
I went out with Daniel last night. We went to Habana. I havent seen him since the horrid Las Vegas Trip...Long story and from what I remember I dont think I put anything in here directly about the month I spent with him a year and a half ago but here are links to the few references I have...

June 30, 2003
and this one
July 1, 2003

Anyways in a nutshell he is a bit over dramatic and tends to tear up a bit..Got super clingy wanted to come home with me and I wouldnt let him..NO NO NO...

He and I hadnt really spoken in a while and he popped up on the net night before last and when I told him I was leaving I figgered it would be okay to have dinner and drinks with him. No harm no foul. Someday he will make a great husband for someone but she better have no ability to speak her mind or any sort of opinion cuz he loves a strong woman just cant handle it. Yea well you always want what you just cant have right?

Anyways 102.00 later it was a decent time. NEXT..............

On another note Michael and I are still fighting over email for his major fuck up with me. I hate it that I hafta live here and ignore him but he seriously crossed a line with me by calling the land lord. I shoulda known this mother fucker didnt have a clue when he moved in but he had no idea what goes on when it comes to a lease. Anways no sense in rehashing it. He is gay, he is a mammas boy and he is an idiot who has alot to learn about the way things work in the world. Too bad for him....I do hate it when I see weaklings come to California and California eats them alive. It is nice to know that I made it..I won and I can go home knowing if I can make it here I can make it anywhere....

Ill be back!



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